Calm down, focus and Get your Mojo working!!!

Leaving your comfort zone ain’t easy, and it can cause real anxiety. But we all have to do it sometimes, because life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Here’s a product that can turn your perspective 180° when you’re at the edge of your comfort zone and guide you through with a smile on your face. This product can calm your anxiety, yet it also provides you with mental stimulation at the same time. Calm, focused and clear–minded? Challenge accepted!

People are extraordinary creatures on this planet. We activate our stress response system in daily situations even though we are not being chased by lions, and our lives are not threatened. But the consequences are the same! The same stress response system kicks in for being chased by a lion and taking an exam on Monday morning.

Do you know that feeling - when you’re going on a date with an attractive, sexy person…

You’re full of excitement, and you tell yourself that you are so happy about this date tonight and that it’s going to be so awesome. Yet you’re nervous as hell. Guys say to themselves, “Am I gonna make a good impression?” “Is she gonna laugh at my jokes?” Ladies say, “Does my hair look okay?” (even though she spent 3 hours in front of the mirror), “Will the conversation flow? Will there be a painful silence?” Well actually, lot of that embarrassing silence is not due the fact that these two people have nothing to tell each other. Come on! They are two brand new people for each other with their own stories, hobbies and passions. They each have years of experiences, and yet they have no thing to speak about? It’s because they’re both anxious, and stress is blocking them from thinking clearly.

Well, we here at the Mojowa state-of the art facility in Idaho, USA created a solution for that. We call it the Dating Pill, because the original idea came from dating. It’s not actually only for dating, but everywhere you face the challenge of stepping out side your ordinary routine.

What are the two things you need when going on a date with a beautiful person?

You need to calm down and boost your mental capacity, in another words, act smart. Everybody wants to be around calm and smart people who know their purpose in life. Many people drink alcohol before or even during their date to release some stress. This is not smart, because it’s very hard to overcome the temptation to stop after just one glass. Instead, people drink more than they should and it ends up making them act stupid.

The Mojowa Dating Pill makes you feel like you had a glass of wine, but without debilitating effects. In fact, with the Dating Pill you’ll experience a cognitive boost accompanied with a nice stimulatory effect, just as if you’d drank an energy drink.

What is Dating pill?

GABA is a natural inhibitory neurotransmitter that reduces stress & anxiety


Natural substances similar to an energy drink, but synergistically designed to give you a cognitive boost.

Calm down, focus and Get your Mojo working!!


The Dating Pill is different from any other supplement on the market in this category, because it is not just another anti-stress, anti-anxiety supplement. It is a supplement for overcoming anxiety by giving you that crucial mental energy, calming you down yet positively stimulating your mind to take that challenge. You have to take that challenge, because that’s where the magic happens. With the Dating Pill you’ll be ready for it!

Here is just couple of examples when Mojowa Dating pill comes handy:

Tell social anxiety goodbye and enjoy the company! Do you know that problem when your pals want to drink alcohol but you can’t that night? It’s not much fun to chill with them anymore,is it? Have the Dating Pill instead! You’ll chill down, and you’ll be smarter than them.
Does public speaking make you want to throw up? Relax!The Dating Pill gives you both calming and energizing effects to significantly help you through it. It’s worth it -take that challenge!
Stressed at work? Well don’t just drink more coffee so you’ll be even more anxious.That will just make you dizzy. Have a Dating Pill, calm down, turn up your mental energy, and focus! These are the qualities that our bosses want from us, right?
Stress resistant and focused!
Try the Dating Pill!
Job interview making you nervous? Be above it! Calm down and show them your concentration and clear thinking. The Dating Pill can help you in these situations greatly.
Sex anxiety happens a lot. It can ruin the whole scene and possibly a great evening. Men and women have to get rid of stress and be perfectly focused in order to enjoy passionate sex. If you’re a man, and you’re worried about whether you’ll deliver a strong performance, maybe you should ease the pressure with the Dating Pill. Girls have to ease their minds too. It’s hard to achieve orgasm when you think of different things than sex. Either way, the Dating Pill can bring new experiences in your sex life!
Studying hard to pass that exam?The Dating Pill is great for focus and mental energy to help you study. It also can help during an exam when you have to calm down and get your focused energy up!
Are you a salesman? What is the holy grail of sales? It is acting calm and tranquil with people, yet staying focused and mentally sharp for handling prospective questions, desires, or rejections. Sales is an art, but it starts with a positive mental attitude. The Dating Pill can help you become an awesome salesman!
And of course, dating. Not being afraid of approaching someone can lead to a relationship. A relationship can lead to marriage. Marriage leads to kids and family, and family may lead to a fulfilled life. All of this because, you weren’t afraid to say: “Hi I’m…”


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